Empower girls to persure STEM

We've been part of our high school's robotics team for the past two years. In that time, we've noticed ongoing issues of gender diversity and bias against female members of the club. Many girls would end up leaving the team because they felt singled-out or under-recognized by male members. In speaking to teachers and fellow students who observed similar trends in their own technical clubs and classes, we realized that this was a pressing issue in our community. This is why we launched STEMpowher: to build an encouraging network that empowers girls in STEM.



Hey! I'm Andrea, a junior in high school. I'm the Business VP of my school's robotics team and I also compete in the DECA competition. In my free time, I love to paint and doodle or play with my cat Bamboo (the fluffiest in the world)."

Krystal Graylin

Hello! I'm Krystal, a senior in high school. Outside of school, I'm CEO of a robotics team, compete in DECA, and run a portrait photography business. My favorite animals are corgis and alpacas (not to be confused with llamas).

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