ChickTech is a non-profit organization supporting girls and women in STEM across the nation. They have a variety of programs — meet-ups for women in the field, ACT-W conferences, workshops for high school students, etc. — geared towards different age groups.

Their high school program was created to give girls the opportunity to explore the world of STEM by working directly with tech-industry professionals in engaging, hands-on workshops. This year, the Kickoff event will be on November 17th -18th, 2018, at Industrious Seattle, 2033 6th Ave Suite 600, Seattle, WA 98121; fill out this form to sign up. After that, there will be monthly workshops focused in different aspects of STEM such as virtual reality, app development, and information technology.


RAFFLE - ChickTech volunteers hand out raffle tickets at the beginning of Kickoff and you can get extra tickets throughout the day for participating. Definitely keep track of your tickets because there are multiple winners and prizes such as tablets and Amazon products.

KICKOFF WORKSHOPS - At the event, there are about five different workshops designed for beginners to explore STEM. In each workshop, you collaborate with industry professionals and other ChickTech members to create a project. For example last year, I coded a voice activated calculator app for the Amazon Echo.

CARPOOLS - ChickTech has different locations for each workshop, so if you or your parents are unable to drive, you can sign up for their carpool/van service. ChickTech volunteers will drive you round trip to and from the event. It’s a convenient option that makes workshops more accessible and allows you to meet other girls who will be at Kickoff beforehand.

MENTORSHIP PROGRAM - This program is a great opportunity for veteran ChickTech members to network with and receive college/career advice from experienced professionals. Students work with a mentor for 10-12 months in which they have face-to-face meetings and 3-4 hours of communication with their mentor at least once a month.
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