Jane Street Capital is a technology-driven quantitative trading firm and liquidity provider. Since starting in 2000 by just three traders and one technologist, they have grown to over 900 employees globally in their New York, Hong Kong, London, and Berlin offices. They are always on the lookout for talented new people to join their team in areas of quantitative trading, technology, quantitative research, institutional research, and infrastructure. Through the Jane Street Women in STEM event, women graduating from high school will have the opportunity to gain insight into these areas and how they fit into Jane Street’s mission.

Typically, this event would be hosted in-person with an all-expense paid trip to their New York City office. Although, due to the recent events surrounding COVID-19, Jane Street hosted this event virtually through Zoom.


PANELS & WORKSHOPS - Learn about the basics of the trading, probability, and programming in OCaml with Jane Street executives and new hires.

MERCHENDISE – Get free Jane Street t-shirts, mugs, bags, notebooks, and more.

ITINERARY – There will be multiple workshops and presentations throughout the day with breaks in between. At the end, compete in an estimathon alongside Jane Street employees and students.

LINKEDIN – Stay connected with students who attended the event through LinkedIn. This can help you build a network of like-minded, high-achieving students to support and inspire you.
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