We randomly surveyed 66 boys (left) and 56 girls (right) of different grades in our high school about their classes, interests, and personal opinions on female representation in the STEM community. Statistics are presented in “percentage of students” instead of the “number of students” for accuracy.

35.7% of girls thought that it was difficult to find interesting opportunities in STEM, with ratings of 4 or 5, compared to only 22.7% of boys. Over twice the percentage of girls to boys agreed that “girls have a disadvantage to boys in pursuing STEM”: only 22.9% of boys gave a rating of 4 or 5 compared to 50% of girls. 27% of both girls and boys said that science was their favorite subject disproving a common misconception that girls "just aren't interested in STEM" Over twice the percentage of boys took advanced computer science or statistics classes compared to the percentage of girls.